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Unparalleled MOT Services from Experts based in Leicester, Leicestershire

At Wyvern Garage, we understand it can be difficult to meet the standards set by the Department of Transport. Situated in Leicester, Leicestershire, we offer prompt MOT testing as part of our extensive MOT services, along with all the necessary repairs to make sure your vehicle passes the test.

Detailed MOTs

Vehicles that are older than three years require annual MOT testing. Working by appointment, you can leave your car and collect it later. Alternatively, we can collect your vehicle when it requires an MOT test if this is easier for you.

We make the whole process as convenient as possible by collecting your car at your location, dropping off our own car, and then swapping them back out once the inspection is complete. Depending on the car's condition, testing can take from 30 minutes to an hour. The average time is around 40 to 45 minutes.

Mechanic Under Hood of Car

High-Quality Repairs

At Wyvern Garage, we test cars of all ages. If your vehicle does fail, it is up to you whether you want us to perform the necessary repairs, or take your vehicle to another location. However, we have everything on hand to quickly perform the repairs and servicing you need to pass the MOT test. (Link to 3P) Some of the most common repairs involve:

• Tyres
• Exhausts
• Brakes
• Steering Arms
• Rear Shock Mounts • Emissions • Suspension

Class 4 MOT Testing

Our fully equipped station is set up to perform both diesel and petrol MOT testing for class 4 vehicles. This includes any type of cars with up to eight passenger seats, such as motor caravans, dual-purpose vehicles, goods vehicles, and private vehicles. We do not perform MOT testing or repairs for vehicles over 3000kg.

Contact us in Leicester, Leicestershire, for more details about our MOT services and testing.