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Unmatched Car Servicing from Our Trusted Garage in Leicester, Leicestershire

As a qualified team of experts, we have the skills to perform reliable car repairs for vehicles of every make and model. Based in Leicester, Leicestershire, we use the latest car diagnostics to determine exactly the type of services you require, with more than 30 years of experience in auto repairs and MOT testing.

Mechanics Ready to Service Cars

Diagnostic Testing

When your engine management light comes on, we use specialised equipment to read the code and determine the exact issue. The process involves simply plugging in a device to assess the problem. We perform testing at much lower cost of £20 than your original dealer provides, which is normally around £65.

Typically, the light on your dashboard looks like a yellow engine symbol. We also perform diagnostics for ABS (anti-lock braking systems) and airbag systems. If the problem involves the ABS sensors, this is an easy fix. However, if the issue is related to a misfire or an EGR valve, it may take longer to resolve. If your vehicle requires a specialist to fix an issue, we will provide professional recommendations.

Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance is necessary for every vehicle, and we recommend that older cars receive it during an MOT test for the sake of convenience. When your service light comes on, we fix any issues before resetting the light to come on again after the appropriate amount of mileage. As our garage is equipped to handle jobs of any size, we perform dependable, industry-standard servicing. Some common types of maintenance services include:

• Air Filters • Spark Plugs • Oil Changes • Antifreeze • Brakes

Contact us in Leicester, Leicestershire, to discover more about our car servicing along with solutions regarding your car diagnostics.